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Question: What are the merits of Milleniumís lift

Question:What are the merits of Milleniumís lift

Reply:†† There are three major merits:(1) It can be fitted to most existing fryers.(2) It is designed to work in kitchen atmosphere.It can stand oil deposition without getting stuck, a reliable working horse.(3) It uses common industrial parts and therefore, the cost is significantly lower than competitorís product.


Question:Our frying time is 15 minutes for chicken, is this time possible?

Reply: Yes, the timer has 4 digits with maximum preset time of 99minutes 59 seconds.Any time shorter than that is possible with 1 second as the step.


Question:How is it powered, hydraulic or electric?

Reply:It is electric.It uses two motors.It can work using the AC power supply line with voltage from 100V to 240V.Just plug in the power line and then it is ready.


Question:Are the two lifts independent?

Reply:Yes, the two lifts are independent.There are two timers as well, each controls one lift.


Can it stand abuse:

Reply: Yes, the major materials for the lift are steel tubes and steel plate.The components are welded.It weighs 40 lbs.It is hard to break even one does it intentionally.

What is the expected operational life?

Reply:The lift has been tested for 50000 runs without sign of wearing. Because the load is balanced by the balancing system, the motor has very small load (thanks to the smart patenting design).The electrical parts have operational life of 1000000 times.Under heavy use, assuming 100 runs a day, one year would be 36500 runs.The estimated operational life from electrical parts would be 1000000/36000= 27.4 years.We provide life time technical support by telephone, and on-line.So use the lift as mush as you like, it is designed/made to lift and last.


What if it stops working?

Reply:We provide life time technical support by telephone, and on-line.All electrical parts are changeable.If some thing is wrong, it can be easily fixed by replacing the failed parts.

How do I order one:

Reply: Visit local dealer or send email to info@milleri.com for quote.